What is a commercial kitchen?

It is a certified and licensed facility for food production.

Why use a commercial kitchen?

State regulations prohibits the sake of food via Internet, mail order or wholesale that is not producer in a licensed facility.

Who uses the Kitchen?
Food trucks, bakers, caterers, small producers, vendors of farmers markets, start-ups or existing business.

Other uses
Baking classes, cooking classes, decorating cake classes, health coaching and more!



Most start-up food enterprises begin in a home kitchen. Once the final recipe is ready for the marketplace, the home kitchen is a liability. New business owners cannot obtain the necessary licensing from the state or product liability insurance for the manufacture and sale of a product made in a home kitchen. Legally they must manufacture their product from a professional kitchen.

  • SAve Money

  • SAve Time

  • Quality control

  • law compliance


How do I rent ?

Mi Cocina by the hour is rented by hour.
Requirements for business:
- Food handler
- Signed renter's agreement

Mi Cocina by the Hour LLC is a licensed shared-use commercial kitchen rental
Mi Cocina by the hour LLC is a facility providing food entrepreneurs the venue to prepare and process their food products for the consumer market.